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Having relocated to Portland, Maine, I've been developing a small line of textile designs and products for baby and home in my studio, 'Lilleputt'. With a focus on color and pattern, I draw a lot of inspiration from my Scandinavian background, and strive for quality and thoughtful simplicity.

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Prior to earning a BFA in furniture design at the Rhode Island School of Design, I attended a year-long design course at Ölands Folkhögskola in my mother's homeland of Sweden. There I was exposed to a variety of art forms, changing mediums weekly. From Sweden, to Rhode Island, to Brooklyn and now Portland, Maine, I continue to work in a wide range of materials, drawing inspiration from all these places.

Whether using fabric, wood or metal, the concept behind the materials often seeks to explore aspects of human nature, with themes such as memory and nostalgia, relationship dynamics and coping methods. I hope to create objects that serve as vehicles for situations bigger than themselves; through interaction a new dialogue forms with each viewer/participant who engages with the piece.

I have completed work for Jonathan Adler, Douglas Fitch, Mile End Delicatessen, JUMP! Dance Company, DCA, and David Stark Design, among others. I continue to do textile and furniture design, upholstery/reupholstery, and am available for commissions and collaborations, as well as website design.